Aldred Gerrin


25 years ago, the Darns swept out of Fraizheim seeking to conquer Nibarra. They occupied Korren and continued south. The only real victories of the early days of the war were won by the Vale Elves. Within a very short number of years, the Darnic armies abandoned the Valewood and instead swept around it. To the southeast, Tcharne fought the Darns to a standstill, but could not repel the invaders. For nearly 10 years, the same situation prevailed to the southwest in the hills between Adinhold and the fringes of the Valewood. Then, a young warleader named Aldred Gerrin took command of the armies of mercenaries who had come north to repel the invaders. With a tactical brilliance unrivalled then or since, Gerrin pushed the Darnic lines back, then broke them, pursuing them in a long arc to the east until he had circled behind the eastern front, grinding it between his men and the armies of Tcharne.

After the war, Gerrin saw an unparalleled economic opportunity for Adinhold. So many supply lines had come behind the army that it was a simple matter to KEEP the goods flowing in, turning Adinhold into the mercantile hub of the region. Gerrin was able to convince a number of the mercenary leaders to stay in the region with the offer of steady work guarding merchant caravans, and many of the elite sellswords who termed themselves “adventurers” were happy to stay near such an easy supply of goods (not to mention the local Taern ruins). Gerrin retired from military life and turned his attention to running a vastly successful merchant house, quickly gaining a seat on the Council of Merchants. Today, he is second only to the Count in public affection, and, some say, the real power behind the throne of a Count who may still see him as his commanding officer from all those years ago.

Gerrin currently resides in a manor house just outside Adinhold, dominating one of the hills north of the city and within sight of the city walls. Grianan Estate (named for a Nerathi nobleman who used it as a summer home centuries ago) houses Aldred Gerrin and his son, Owein, as well as their servants and staff.

Aldred Gerrin

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