Golden Rope

Organization Name: The Golden Rope
Type: Guild
Membership: Open to all adventurers
Headquarters: Adinhold
Guildmaster: Delgar


The Golden Rope is a guild whose goal is to “increase prosperity for mercenaries, adventurers, and explorers.” Headquartered in Adinhold, the Rope has become the fastest-growing guild in Nibarra. With guildhalls in every city and a sizable membership, they are now the first stop for any person looking for the unique services offered by those who style themselves “adventurers”.

Membership and Duties

Any person, regardless of gender, race, or class, can join the Golden Rope by demonstrating to the guildmaster’s satisfaction that they have explored at least one dungeon complex. The guild collects a “nomination fee” of 15 sovereigns and annual dues of 10 sovereigns per member.

In addition to the financial responsibility of membership, all members are required to report at regular intervals on their exploits, related to guild contracts or not. This report can take the form of an interview with a clerk at a local guildhall or a written record submitted by the member. Members are encouraged to include any information they may hear that could lead to further contracts, even if not followed up on by the member directly. All members are expected to perform this duty annually by Wintersnight (the same time that guild dues are paid), though more active adventurers will frequently sit with a clerk every month or two. In the case of adventuring parties, only one report must be submitted, but all members are expected to contribute to it so that all possible information is included.


The Golden Rope serves as a clearinghouse for mercenary contracts, farming them out to members. The guild is paid directly by the client and the adventurer is paid by the guild. It is not uncommon for additional payment to be made by the member directly, and the standard guild contract allows for any items obtained in the course of fulfilling the contract to be considered additional compensation. In return, clients have the assurance that they are dealing with experienced adventurers, professionals who will do what they have been paid to do.

It is permitted for members to set their own rates when accepting contracts “in the wild” (the guild term for contracts that do not come through the guild), but are encouraged to direct their employers to file the contract and remit payment through the local guildhall. (It should be noted that this does not require a physical contract to be enacted. The client simply informs a guild clerk of the arrangement, including the agreed-upon payment. A Truthstone is used to ensure that the proper information is given. It is so rare as to be nearly unheard of for a client to fail to report the contract with the intent of cheating the adventurer. If you have hired someone to slaughter a nest of kobolds on your behalf, presumably that person would be low on your list of people you would want angry with you.)

In addition to these services, the guild provides assistance to members who end up on the wrong side of the law in the course of fulfilling their guild contracts.

The reports submitted by members are pored over for clues to future contracts and especially for patterns leading to future trouble (a spate of cult activity across an area, for example, or a sharp increase in trouble with gnolls). This information is used by both the guild and local governments to prevent crises before they occur.

Golden Rope

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