Shadows of Nibarra

Session 1 - Into the Valewood
In which we meet our heroes, a patron, a guildmaster, and some very nasty kobolds.

Our story began in the common room of the Golden Rope guildhall in Adinhold. The adventurers, having completed a job guarding a merchant caravan upriver from Rensmoth, were enjoying their hard-earned leisure time when they were summoned to the office of the guildmaster, Delgar.

The old dwarf informed the party that, as a result of the fine work they had done on a previous job for Lady Jalanvaloss, their services were being specifically requested by Councilman Aldred Gerrin.

The party rode out to Lord Gerrin’s manor house, Grianan Estate. There, they were greeted at the door by Zevran, the Councilman’s Antivan bodyguard. They were ushered into Lord Gerrin’s study, where they met the great man himself, who told them this story:

Lord Gerrin has long been a collector of relics of the Taern Imperium. One item that had recently come into his posession was a map showing a old Taern shrine to one of the pre-Chantry gods. By his best reckoning, the shrine was located in what was now just inside the Valewood. His son had led a group of Gerrin’s men into the Wood to find it and recover any artifacts he could. The group was ambushed in the woods; only one of the guards having been able to ride out to bring news. The others were all killed or captured. Vaughan was among those captured in the first moments of the ambush, dragged from his horse and bound.

Lord Gerrin offered the party 300 gold crowns to track the ambush party and, if possible, rescue his son. He has offered an additional 200 crowns for any Taern artifacts found in the shrine Vaughan was seeking. Finally, he has implied continued patronage should they do well in these tasks.

Led by Zevran, the party headed out the next morning, having spent the night in Lord Gerrin’s carriage house. It was not long after entering the Valewood that they located the ambush site. Three-clawed tracks led them to the gateway of a woodland shrine to one of the Old Gods.

With a short prayer by Kellister asking the god’s forgiveness for intruding into his shrine, the group descended into the shrine, where a pair of ancient traps lef them directly into an ambush by kobold sentries. While the lead party member (Sparrow) was exiting the entry chamber, a portcullis slammed down… directly on top of him. At the same time, scythe blades began sweeping across the chamber that held the rest of the party. Three kobolds armed with slings and firepot ammunition attacked the party from the rear while a pair of pikemen attacked Sparrow. Eventually, Sparrow was able to get out from under the portcullis, but directly into the pikemen and their commander. While the halfling bravely fought this three-on-one fight, the rest of the party hunted down the slingers. Finally, the portcullis was raised and the party emerged from the fight bloody but triumphant. They had found themselves in the main worship chamber of the hall, now defaced by kobolds. Down two side-passages, they heard kobold voices…


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